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Visitors to Hobson's Bay Yacht Club will find our club right in the heart of Williamstown. The club is very close to the shops, entertainment and social life as well as enjoying fantastic views of the city and the West Gate Bridge. The club is only 15 minutes away from the city by car and is close to public transport. Visitor moorings are available on request to the Manager, telephone 03 9397 6393 beforehand to ensure that a pen is available. The club has an exciting yachting calendar and is very keen to encourage non-sailors to enjoy this sport. The Twilight Series on Wednesday evenings goes from October to March and is the time when the community is welcomed to join in on the late afternoon race around the sticks. The race takes approximately 1 - 2 hours depending on weather conditions. In the winter we have the very popular Brass Monkey Series where around 80 club boats regularly participate. There are also many trophies to be won as you can see from the calendar. As well as major interclub sailing events, the Bluebird Association and the H28's regularly hold class races.

HBYC is the host club for the Endeavour Yacht Association of Victoria (EYAV) and has an active membership of 50 yachts in Victoria, 12 of whom are members of HBYC. Each year 7 major trophy events are held in conjunction with HBYC events, including the Endeavour 24 and Endeavour 26 Victorian Championship Titles."

Memberships types
Membership Fees

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Hobson's Bay Yacht Club has may types of membership, some are listed below HERE is more information.

Senior Members:
Senior Members are boat owners and crews of boats. Elected Senior Members form the General Committee and other sub-committees. Senior members are entitled to all the privileges of the club.

Family Membership:
The acceptance of families and particularly children, into the club has been a special feature of Hobson's Bay Yacht Club. Family members are entitled to all the privileges of the club.

Crew Members:
Crew members have access to club facilities as determined by the Committee and shall take an active role as a Crew member in sailing events. However, they cannot take on an official role in the club or have any voting rights.

Those over the age of 8 years and under 15 years Cadet members shall be nominated by a Senior member. They have the opportunity to sail in Cadet Dinghies provided and maintained by the Club. Training programs operated by Senior Members teach the theory and practice of sailing and seamanship. Cadet sailors are not necessarily children of club members.

Junior Members:
Those over the age of 15 years and under 21 years.

Social Membership:
Social Members are usually associates of Members who visit the Club frequently. They may race up to six times a year. Members of the public may become social Members and they are given the opportunity to sail as an introduction to the sport.

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Membership Fees, 2012-13 -

Senior Member $744
Family Member $372
Crew Member $319
Pensioner Member $133
Social Members $85
Junior Membership 15-21yo      $106
Cadets 8-15yo $32
More information on fees here