HBYC - Forms

Download the forms you need for HBYC

If there are any forms that your need that are not here please let us know here

New Members Booklet
This booklet explains everything about our club. It is a living document and is updated as things change. (currently V1. 4)

Membership application
Use this to apply to become a member of HBYC.

Crew declaration
Used for declaring the crew you had for a race. Failing to submit one of these could cause you to be disqualified from a race.

Slipping application
Fill one of these in to book a slip. Earlier the better as slots are limited.

Race Protest form
This must be filled in and lodged within the timelimit if you wish to protest in a race.

2011-2012 Cat 5 & 6 Safety Declaration
The Safety declaration for 2011 2012 racing season, this one covers covers categories 3 to 6.

Application for Marina Pen
To apply to join the waiting list for a marina pen.

Application for Yacht Registration
Needed to get a new boat on the club's register.

Yacht De registration
Needed to remove a boat from the club's register.